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Our portfolio of publicly-announced companies centers around ICO crowdfunding and asset tokenization. Companies in planning and stealth stages are not listed.

Applying wisdom of crowd mechanics to provide ICO investors with social proof and actionable metrics, while giving investors the ability to purchase any ICO with a single click.

Enabling individual investors to get the best terms by intelligently pooling resources using the syndicate model, while providing advisors and influencers a simple way to benefit from their recommendations and audience.

Making it easy and safe for new ICO projects to create secure wallets, get paid by verified investors in any currency, and begin raising funds globally.

Providing token holders with protection from fund misappropriations, while giving ICO founders financial security through investor communication, advisor oversight, arbitration, professional auditing firms, and control of funds.

Greatly simplifying the Whitelisting/KYC/AML process by eliminating the need for investors to complete the burdensome verification process with every investment, lowering the barrier for smaller and more frequent investments.

A turnkey system for tokenizing assets, including legal, technology, and investor support. Asset tokenization unlocks frozen value, improves liquidity, and reaches new investors.


Our founding team’s deep startup, technical, and financial experience is NuclearBlock’s advantage in building a strong ecosystem.

Eike B. Post
Project Management

Alex Frakking
Project Management

Dave Oriordan
Project Management

Valentin Manov

Daniel Harbuz

Sergiy Kalinchuk

Greg Swierad

Eugene Loza
Investment Analysis

Vitalii Kaminsky
Investment Analysis

Sergey Zuykov
Investment Analysis