Get Quality ICO Investors

We help ICOs get more qualified investors
using Nuclear Block's investor connections
and in-house investor marketing expertise

We are not a Marketing Company

Efficient Investor Relations

We only work with Nuclear Block member companies, partners, and trusted associates. Our investor team is made available to you because we know we can accomplish more by working together.

What we do

Nuclear Block Ventures is a blockchain VC firm, and part of the Nuclear Block Alliance of blockchain companies.  The Nuclear Block Alliance has helped raise over $110 million for partners and clients. Our investor marketing arm, Nuclear Block Investor Marketing (NBIM) has expertise in:

Investor Outreach

Leveraging our investor connections, partners, and conference exposure to attract large investors.

Strategic Planning

Creating winning business models and investor strategy with the input of Nuclear Block's executive team.

Investor Communications

Whitepaper development, company websites, ICO sales sites, article marketing, and paid advertising.

Related activities

Related activities we routinely perform include:

  • Advisor recruitment
  • Bounty and airdrop campaigns
  • ICO site submissions
  • Social media campaigns
  • Influencer marketing

Who we help

We obsess over providing startups with world-class support so they can focus on their passion.

We help Nuclear Block partner companies and associates in three main fundraising stages:

Private seed funding

Private ICO / STO pre-sale

Public ICO / STO

How we work

We work independently, giving you status updates and progress reports.

using a tried and tested approach that has brought millions in funding to real projects

Tell us your goals and budget.


We create a plan and proposal.


We work independently to achieve your goals.


Get a Proposal

If you have an existing relationship with us or one of our partners, we invite you to discuss your goals and get a custom proposal.


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